“I am particularly interested in the dialogue between architecture and nature. Ever-inspired by the 1960’s and 70’s classical architectural interiors, I aim to create intriguing and surprisingly illusionary interiors. These spaces convey a sense of stillness, a peaceful and calm location of contemplation – a space to think. Particular experiences and observations forge the main architectural structures, angles and objects in my paintings, where I aim to portray the beauty achieved through geometric simplicity.

The outdoors spills through a window or door, location or setting. Pots and plants teeter on the edge of a table whilst trees grow convincingly from rooftops and pillars are cut off abruptly, hovering slightly above ground level. The interiors are minimally furnished with large glass open spaces, leaving it exposed to the vulnerability of the outside world that encroaches upon us. The landscape has no boundaries; we are unable to control and confine it, forcing the inside out and the outside in.”

Charlotte Keates (b. 1990, Somerset, UK) currently lives in London, where she spends the majority of her time painting in her studio in Hackney. Having exhibited extensively throughout the UK, Charlotte is represented by Arusha Gallery.

Since leaving Falmouth University with her BA First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art, she has exhibited extensively throughout the UK as well as AAF Stockholm in 2016. Recent exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Lynn Painter Stainers Prize Exhibition at The Mall Galleries London. Charlotte’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Art Maze Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Harpers Baazar and The Jealous Curator.